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"Horse on the Loose"

Horse on the Loose Leslie McDonald Illustrated by Tanya Glebova The Mighty Quin is a retired show horse who is afraid his beloved owner will sell him because he can no longer jump the big fences to win blue ribbons as he did in his youth. Determined not to let humans govern his fate, Quin makes a bold escape from his stable to search for the perfect home. From golf course fairways to city streets to suburban backyards with the police hot on his trail, Quin gains fresh perspective about human nature, loyalty and, ultimately, true love.


AMAZON #1 Best Seller! 5 Star reviews

"Journey With Horses"
Soft Cover $12.95 (S/H $5.00)

A captivating collection of short stories ranging from life altering events to powerful snapshot moments that tell the tale of the sights, scents and sensations of people whose life journeys are inspired and affirmed by the horses that enrich their lives.

"How great a sacrifice for the love of a horse? How much of one’s self can be entwined with that soul? What limits are we willing to push to save a bond forged in love and tempered by time?” The passionate bond that exists between humans and horses is not an inherited trait. People from all kinds of backgrounds and upbringings find themselves lured into the stable where a powerful, 1200-pound creature of fantasy on four legs captures their hearts and their souls. Children develop a horse-crazy passion, often without any encouragement from their families. This passionate craze may last a lifetime, or it may fade over time, but the passion is true and the connection rare.

From author, horse enthusiast, and Grand Prix level dressage trainer Leslie McDonald comes a rare and heartfelt collection of stories and musings about horses and the people who quite literally fall in love with them. Journeys With Horses is exactly what its title suggests: a journey. There are stories about trainers and riders, and horses of all sizes, shapes and descriptions. From children dreaming of owning their own horse, to the awesome beauty and power of the Temple Lipizzaners, to the brave and heroic horses of wartime, this story collection has it all and the stories are told with a clearly evident love and knowledge of the noble horse.

The author writes with pure equine pleasure for all to enjoy. A life partnered with horses is clearly a journey of adventure, dedication, and an unbreakable connection to a compelling soul, the soul of a horse. The reader will laugh and cry, but all in all, the reader will thoroughly enjoy these stories and they might even learn a little something along the way. "

Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

"Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

"Writing from theperspective of a Grand Prix dressage rider who has walked the aisles of thehorse world for over 40 years, Leslie McDonald provides us with an inside view of some of the people and horses inhabiting that world.

In Journeys WithHorses we meet novice and competitive riders, grooms and breeders, top trainersand "horse husbands", even the organizer of a Horse Fair for over 40,000spectators. Some chapters in the bookare rich in equine history.

While there arestories of pain and frustration as well as stories of triumph and joy, readerswill undoubtedly be left with the feeling that their own journeys with horsesare well worth the ride. Colleen Rutherford Archer, Author, Deep River,Ontario, Canada.

Clearly written by a truehorseperson, with correct jargon and descriptions of breeds, disciplines, andvenues, this book has stories about war heroes, little girls dreaming ofponies, The Temple Lipizzans, trail rides gone awry, and much more. I plan togive this to all my horsey friends! (and maybe some non-horsey ones too)"

Lydia Gray, Illinois. Author
"Classical Dressage Foundations with Wolfgang May"

"Here are over a dozen charming, inspirational, and sometimes humorius stories; stories which remind us how beautiful and beneficial bonding with a horse (or any other animal) can be, and how they enhance our relationships with other humans."

Adrien Synnott, Author
"Horse Tales for the Soul"

"Musings of a Horse Farm Corgi"
Soft Cover $12.95 (S/H $5.00)

An engaging, true life story told from the unique perspective of Beamer the Corgi in his quest to become the “Corgi in Charge” of a working horse farm. Beamer’s special insights and opinions of the cast of characters who comprise his world will have readers checking out their own dogs in a whole new light.

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Down the Aisle

"Down the Aisle...For the Love of Horses"
Soft Cover $12.95 (S/H $5.00)

The story of a woman with an incurable case of horse fever whose life has been defined by the aisle she traveled for the love of horses. The text will resonate with all horse lovers who can relate through the dreams and experiences that fill their own aisles. This book served as the center piece of a branding campaign for Uckele Health and Nutrition.

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Soft Cover $12.95 (S/H $5.00)

A classic story of a horse crazy young girl that is a step back in time to the traditions of American riding academies of the 1950’s and 60’s.

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"Making Magic"
Hard Cover $12.95 (S/H $5.00)

Making Magic
Breeding and Birthing a Healthy Foal by Half Halt Press. Coauthored by Leslie McDonald and Meredith Weller, DVM, this instructive book combines practical, need-to-know information on breeding and foaling with Leslie's personal journey breeding her Swedish Warmblood mare, Anastasia. The book is a unique approach that blends technical information with a great "real life" story.


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